NY Fashion week came to a close last Thursday, and for some of us, it ended on a Swiss note. Hairstylist Chrystoph Marten, who has a tiny second-floor salon on West 20th St. (just three chairs) has become known for his underground music and art events after salon hours. This past week, he hosted an evening with the electronic group Division Kent.

The band, which was founded in Brooklyn six years ago by Swiss husband-and-wife duo Andrea B. and Sky Antinori, is named after the intersection of the two streets in Brooklyn. While in NYC, the couple perform as a duo. While in Europe they are joined by fellow bandmates Vincenzo Perrotta and Alexis Amitirigala.

Previously, Marten has hosted cabaret nights featuring the performer Micaela Leon, who sings along to electronic beats spun by Luigi Borrata. Coming soon to this intimate venue: a cabaret burlesque. See chrystophmarten.com for more information.