Alexander Wang Brings Back the Art of Fashion Shade With Amazing Instagram Memes

These days, it can be difficult to tell where fashion ends and memes begin. And no one knows this better than Alexander Wang, who took to Instagram on Tuesday to call out Phillip Plein for plagiarizing the Alexander Wang x H&M show in 2014, which bore an uncanny resemblance to the Plein Sport show that took place at Milan Fashion Week Men's a few weeks ago. Wang posted two side-by-side videos comparing the runway shows, which both featured an all-black track and field setup, parkour, and models in sports bras, boxing gloves, harnesses, and helmets. "Can I copy your homework?" reads the caption. "Yeah, just change it up a bit so it doesn't look obvious you copied."

Plein—who made another splash at New York Fashion Week on Monday night with a runway show featuring Desiigner, Young Thug, and that "hot felon," plus Tiffany Trump and Madonna front row—has yet to comment on Wang's accusations. But Wang, having "no after party" this season, clearly has more time on his hands to craft some memes of his own.

Wang's most recent meme succeeds for many reasons, the most obvious being that it is an example of delicious fashion shade, which seems to be a dying art these days. It also takes a relatable action, like copying homework, and applies it to a specific and exclusive event, which few were privy to at the time.

As we learned from the election, memes have the power to not only say what everyone is thinking, but also call out B.S. in real time. They're a tool just as much as a gag, and Wang, being good with his hands, spun viral gold. In other words, regardless of whether Plein copied him or not, Wang literally made a meme, which is like the haute couture of the Internet. Needless to say, we're impressed.

This was not Wang's first meme, however. The designer has a reputation for posting fashion-related memes on his personal Instagram account that both call out the ridiculousness of fashion and also make it fun again. See them all, below.

Watch past Alexander Wang fashion shows, below.