A.P.C.'s Jean Touitou Sounds Off. Again.

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A.P.C. Fall 2016. Photo courtesy of the brand.

For the first time ever, designer Jean Touitou of the Parisian label A.P.C., touched down in New York City for fashion week. Known for his strong, and oftentimes controversial opinions, it didn't take long for Touitou to criticize what he saw: "I know the streets of New York can be very relaxed with this yoga pant thing, but it's bothering me a bit," he said at the brand's presentation on Tuesday, which took place in a private Greenwich Village penthouse. "This should be changed. I think you should wear ballet flats with your yoga pants."

Another first: Touitou actually designed yoga pants this season in a collaboration with American athleisure brand Outdoor Voices, which he's invested in since Tyler Haney founded the company in 2013.

Despite all these firsts, Touitou emphasized that he wasn't trying to do anything different. "The revolution will not be televised - and it won't be done with fashion, either," he said. "Clothes can't be that subversive. I could get famous by making subversive stuff, but I would kill myself right now. No, I'm kidding. But the idea is to make clothes, and I feel comfortable not surprising you. I'm here to do beautiful things."

There you have it. So, what does he find beautiful? He continued: "I swear I'm not a pervert - well, I could be - but I just so happen to find socks and sandals extremely sexy."