No, it’s not what you think. That design on the “O” of iconic sportswear line Boast’s logo is a Japanese maple leaf, of course. It’s that winking rebellious cachet that made Boast the line of choice for not only the bad boys of the tennis world like John McEnroe and Roscoe Tanner, but any 70s and 80s country clubber who didn’t want to be penned in with the other ponies. Oh yes, and Dubya was a fan.

Boast—named for a type of squash shot—faded from view in recent decades, but is now back on the scene and just celebrated their 40th anniversary with a runway show styled by Minnie Mortimer and hosted by Project at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. And after four decades on the scene, it’s refreshing to see that the classic pieces—polos, retro-cut match shorts, track jackets and “maple leaf” ties—aren’t acting their age one bit. (

Photos: courtesy of Boast