From top: David Byrne’s photomontage for the Talking Heads’ album More Songs About Buildings and Food, 1978;Jeroen Diepenmaat’s sculpture Pour des Dents d’un Blanc Eclatant et Saines, 2005.

For those of us still hoarding crates of albums, vinyl has a cultlike appeal—as much for the iconic sleeve covers as for its sound. But who knew records could be art objects, too? The exhibition The Record: ­Contemporary Art and Vinyl brings together for the first time artists from around the world who have made LPs their subject or medium. On view at the Miami Art Museum beginning March 18 (through June 10), the show features 99 surprising works by 41 artists—including Laurie Anderson’s hybrid violin/phonograph, Christian Marclay’s collaged records, and Dario Robleto’s Sometimes Billie Is All That Holds Me ­Together—buttons crafted from melted Billie Holiday records to replace missing buttons on thrift-store clothing. Of course, turntables will also be on hand, so be sure to check out the seven “listening stations” curated by the likes of Vik Muniz, Rodney Graham, and DJ Rekha.

Photos: Diepenmaat, Talking Heads: courtesy of the artists