Philippe Di Méo’s erotic utensils.

Leave it to the French to turn a dinner party into an erotic experience. Furniture and product designer Philippe Di Méo is collabo­rating with Christofle, Baccarat and other French tableware firms on a set of sensual utensils inspired by the dishes of famous chefs. There is, for instance, the Bouche à Bouche, a lip-shaped éclair holder for nibbling a red éclair by Fauchon pastry chef Christophe Adam, and a Raynaud porcelain chalice—in the form of a shapely derriere—for the consumption of Thierry Marx’s Japanese broth. “Eating can be a very erotic act,” says Di Méo, who considers a tableware house, a chef and a diner to be an elegant “ménage à trois.” The pieces will be displayed at the concept store L’Eclaireur at the start of Couture Week in Paris before traveling to Tokyo and possibly L.A.