Tommy Hilfiger Model Erik van Gils Doesn’t Use Skincare Products

Erik van Gils

Erik van Gils. Photo courtesy of Request Models.

Erik van Gils has had a busy New York Fashion Week: Men's – so far, he's walked Public School, Tommy Hilfiger, and Billy Reid. In his spare time, the 19-year-old from the Netherlands likes to exercise at night, and, like a good kid, listen to his mother.

Grooming essentials: I never use hair products in my free time.

Fragrance of choice: I must admit that I bought my first fragrance, Rituals Roi d'Orient, in 2015. Rituals is a family favorite; it's never hard to find my sister a nice present, I just have to buy her some body cream or shampoo. I also like Classic Van Gils, partly because of the name, but I prefer a fresh or flowery fragrance over heavy masculine ones.

Exercise regime: Running in the dark! For some reason I can go way longer and faster when the sun is down.

Skincare splurge: I don't really use skincare products, sometimes a little bit of Nivea cream to not dry up.

Never leave the house without: KEYS! I learned my lesson after I had to break into my own place and crawl in through the window. ____

Snack of choice: Nuts in general. Walnuts and pistachios are my favorite.

Clean-shaven or scruffy: Clean-shaven. ____

Hair icon: Gil-Scott Heron. I love Afros in general.

Always in your suitcase: Clothes! Depends on the destination. I guess my passport and my favorite pair of socks.

Best advice from mom: Earn and save money first before you spend it. I always wanted an advance on my allowance and I would always get mad that I had to wait until end of the month.

But when I was 17 I moved from my mom's place to Rotterdam, where I found out how nice it is to have no debts after having saved up. If you want something, you should work hard for it, and be patient.

Best advice from the pros: Stay in school. I didn't listen, but I’ll probably regret it when I’m 40.