With hardly a bold lip in sight, it’s mostly the hair I’m still talking about the day after the Globes, plus a few liner-ringed eyes. While I will soon forget who won for what, these beauty statements are stuck firmly in my head.

Coveted Coif
To be filed in my “Someday When I Walk the Red Carpet” folder: Naomi Watts’ and Michelle Dockery’s abbreviated Hollywood waves. In my book, Dockery also took best skin, best brows, best body, and best dress. I give up, Lady Mary—you win.

Low of the Highlights
I'm going to assume Emily Blunt’s hair color is for an upcoming role. Maybe it was swept back so tightly to help hide those streaky highlights. Bring back the beautiful brunette!

Girl’s World
Hannah could use this eyeliner on Girls. It helps add definition and maturity to Lena Dunham's face. And Anne Hathaway better watch her back—Dunham wins this round of piecey pixie-off.

Up, Up, and Away
Ding ding ding! While there weren’t many to choose from, best updo goes to Julianne Hough. The swept back look shows off her young features (don’t you think she always looks older than she is--she’s only 24?) and those Siberian husky eyes. The mowhawkishness of her hair makes even her borderline bridal ensemble look stylish and modern.

Gimme More
We finally found something Sienna Miller can't pull off: The "I Don't Give a Damn" look. I know, I know, I'd be doing the exact same thing if I had a six-month old at home, but the minimal effort came off more like “less is less.”

Catch the Wave
Women of the chop-it-off club take note: Just a few little waves and curls slash years from Helen Mirren. She looks girlish without being cutesy.

In the Red
Jessica Chastain gets bonus beauty points for red hair alone, especially when offset by her sea foam green dress, but the severe middle part makes the look too sculptural and futuristic. I would have preferred to see her hair entirely slicked back.

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Photos: Helen Mirren, Julianne Hough: Getty Images. All others: Fairchild Archive