Viper Room owner Harry Morton.

The Viper Room hasn’t been a hot music venue for 15 years. But Harry Morton, who bought the L.A. nightspot earlier this year, wants to reinstate its former glory. He’s already thought of a dream headlining act—which, oddly, is just as faded as the club itself: “I’d love to see Van Halen play,” says the 27-year-old, who will also book up-and-comers. “I want to find the next Guns N’ Roses.” The son of Hard Rock cofounder Peter Morton, Harry plans to open outposts of the Sunset Strip venue in Portland, Oregon; Seattle; Austin, Texas; and Tokyo, and is in talks to start a Viper Room record label. Says Morton, “I want it to be [my Hard Rock].”

Image courtesy of BWR Public Relations