James Middleton

Kate Middleton's Very Outdoorsy Brother Has Made His Instagram Public

Behold, some joyous news: Kate Middleton’s younger brother, James Middleton, has unprotected his Instagram, where, under the handle @jmidy, he’s been posting a constant deluge of rustic, dog-centric, adventurous images since 2013. It’s not clear what prompted him to make his account public, but it was brought to the attention of the tabloid-reading public this week when Spencer Matthews, the former reality television star and brother of Pippa Middleton’s husband James, tagged Middleton in a post. Intrepid Instagram sleuths followed the link, and Middleton’s glorious feed was quickly brought to our attention. Whatever the cause, it's a delightful respite from the seemingly relentless onslaught of drama emerging from Kensington Palace.

Matthews and his wife, model Vogue Williams, Middleton and his reported girlfriend, financial analyst Alizee Thevenet, and Pippa and James also recently all embarked on a beachfront vacation in St. Bart’s, but images from that getaway have yet to make their way onto Middleton’s Instagram. (Though recently unblocked, his last post was on December 31, celebrating his cocker spaniel Ella becoming a therapy dog.)

Instead, his feed tends towards images of a more rugged variety—a video taken from the summit of the Matterhorn, in Switzerland; a slideshow of waterskiing photos against a dramatic sunset; a selfie with a small lamb, captioned “Impromptu Lambing.” Middleton, presumably, delivered this lamb. There are chickens and chicks, ducklings, rams, lambs, farm-fresh produce, fish, and the occasional human or two; judging by his feed alone, he seems to be an avid outdoorsman and restorer of… something old and mechanical.

Per The Cut, Middleton is a “tour guide in the Scottish highlands,” which would seem to align with all the interests included in his feed. He’s also the questionably titled “Wonka-In-Chief” of Boomf, a startup that allows customers to print photos on marshmallows. Think those grocery-store cakes with photos on them that you used to get for birthdays in elementary school, but tiny and only made of sugar and gelatin.

Let’s also not under-emphasize the aforementioned “dog-centric” here: Middleton’s favorite genre of post, it seems, is a perfectly normal outdoorsy photo that happens to be foregrounded by dogs. In one image, he lounges in some tall grass, dogs encircling him (“Beautiful family James,” one friend commented); in another, he looks to be pausing in the midst of a trail run, his dogs seated next to him. Judging by his account, Middleton owns, or regularly plays with and/or cares for, somewhere between eight and 10 pups, which is a lot.

No one loves dogs like James Middleton loves dogs.

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