Jeremy Scott's Fall 2016: "Dolly Parton on Molly"

If breaking onto the Milan fashion scene with Moschino has at all influenced Jeremy Scott's Missouri roots, none of that was clear at his namesake fall show on Monday, an optimistic-as-ever homage to Americana with the title: “Cowboys and Poodles.” “It’s kind of a whole real honky tonk way to talk about cowboys and the girls who are all gussied up,” he said backstage. “It's a little bit more Dolly Parton, but Dolly on molly."

That much was clear from the moment a telephone rang to start the show, with Karlie Kloss making her entrance in blue eye shadow, a beehive, neon cowboy boots, and leopard-print coat. The soundtrack launched into Blondie’s “Hanging on the Telephone” and Devo’s “Whip It," and more acid colors quickly followed suit: Models wore red-and-yellow zebra fur stripes, belly-skimming denim jackets, blue lamé skirts, and bright blue bandage dresses made torsos into guitars. “It's a little bit of a Mudd Club, early ‘80s New York City take on country western,” Scott said. Fluorescent cowboy boots adorned with Swarovski crystals and ‘90s cartoon characters like Ren and Stimpy were standouts, but the best accessory appeared on Mitchell Slaggert, who had his abs prominently on display in yet another gold ensemble, reprising his role as sparkly hunk at Calvin Klein.

The flashiness extended to the crowd, too, with no one truer to theme than the blogger Perez Hilton, a self-described “gay cowboy.” Much to the delight of Bill Cunningham, Hilton’s floor-length, white fur coat lit up with flashing blue, green, and purple lights; and after getting ahold of his laughter, Cunningham implored the “young fellow” to stand up and “flash it.”

Though Hilton’s frontrow mates were Nicky Hilton in fishnets and Coco Rocha in a prominent caution tape Moschino dress, the full extent of his look – pink leggings and cowboy boots, and, despite the snow outside, no shirt in sight – made them look positively chaste in comparison.