Theodora & Callum, the latest collaboration between Scoop NYC co-founder Stefani Greenfield and entertainment producer Desiree Gruber, launched this spring with some pretty monumental success, thanks not only to their tribal patterned, laid-back designs, but also to one particular fan: Julia Roberts. The W cover star shared the scarves as one of her favorite things on Oprah’s May 6th episode, perhaps in a throwback to her laid-back Balinese Eat Pray Love style. “We found out about four days before and literally flew two people to Chicago with three hundred scarves,” says Greenfield. “I mean, does it get better? Oprah, Julia… I don’t mean to be a name-dropper, but come on!”

And the audience responded—the scarf that was featured sold out “instantaneously.” Though, fear not, there are plenty of other beautiful styles to choose from with patterns inspired by the co-founder’s many travels. “We have traveled all over the world, and at any given night can be at a dinner table with people from ten different countries,” says Greenfield. “So there’s always going to be this ethnic feel.” Though she also admits that she pulls inspiration from less exotic locales, even Disneyland on a trip with her family: “I saw these tiles on the bottom of the pool at our hotel and my husband was like ‘What’s the matter?’ and there I was, taking pictures of the tile. Designing prints is my personal obsession.”

The collection on the site (named for Gruber and Greenfield’s children) also extends to jewelry, as well as shoes and bags manufactured by Stuart Weitzman. “I can articulate a print, articulate a style, and suddenly he can draw it up for me,” says Greenfield. “Stuart just gets inside of my head.” And building on their collaboration, this Thursday, they’re opening a stop and shop at 53 The Circle in East Hampton.