Khloe Kardashian for Good American

Huntress, The Eagle
The remarkable true story of the first female eagle huntress in 12 generations of a Mongolian family — which spawned a documentary so gripping, Sia and Daisy Ridley had to be a part.

Hutton, Lauren
With Fonda, Jane; Musk, Maye; and Smith, Patti; fashion's got a new obsession with ladies over 60.

Kardashian, Khloe
The fitness buff of the Kardashians is also the latest to venture into design. Her Good American denim line proves she knows her jeans.

Not free yet. But with new songs and a still-strong army of Animals, the pop star has gone from manufactured image to the real deal.

O'Connell, Jack
The young Brit actor (and alum of Skins, lest anyone forget) has been cast as Alexander McQueen in an upcoming biopic by *45 Years'*s Andrew Haigh.

Rodriguez, Gina
From Jane the Virgin to Deepwater Horizon, the television star is taking the plunge into big-screen Hollywood.

Sanders, Ashton
The breakout star of Moonlight talks working with Janelle Monáe and Naomie Harris, screen work-as-therapy, and finding the troubled character within himself.