Kym Ellery Admires David Bowie, Wears All Black

Kym Ellery

Kym Ellery. Courtesy of the brand.

One of the great things about being a fashion designer, is that you get to make exactly what you want to wear. Just ask Aussie Kym Ellery. Her androgynous, elegant collection is an extension of her personal style. Here, she fills us in on her daily uniform, her preference for chunky shoes, and her weakness for Viennese cuisine.

Define your style in three words:
Clean. Tailored. Japanese.

Daily uniform:
Most days I wear slim black pants and a black raglan crepe top that I’ve had in my collections for many years. I just love to be comfortable. To me, comfort is almost as important as style itself.

Greatest hits:
My Margiela ankle boots and anything cashmere.

Preferred footwear:
Something chunky that anchors what I’m wearing. I like to have proportionately large feet, just like Minnie Mouse.

Finishing touches:
I love a good handbag. Right now I’m always reaching for my black and gold Louis Vuitton Petite Malle. I also love rose gold jewelry: Cartier, Dior, Delfina Delettrez and some pieces that my mother gave to me, all mixed in together.

Nighttime look:
Anything in black satin or brocade worn with a vibrant red lip.

Best recent discovery:
Sesame oil as a dressing on kale salad.

Favorite stores:
Dover Street Market in London and NY, the Palais de Tokyo book store and Astier Villate in Paris for stoneware and candles.

Style icons:
David Bowie, Charlotte Rampling and Keith Richards.

Last purchase:
Large, round gold earrings that say ‘CAPRI’ from a tourist store in—well—Capri.

Lusting after:
A huge Jeff Koons balloon animal sculpture for my backyard.

Favorite haunts:
Cafe Sarbarsky at the Neue Galerie, New York; Bistrot Boulevard in Avalon, Sydney; and Frenchie Restaurant, Paris.

What's always in your bag:
A 0.5 size mechanical pencil, fragrance, a notebook, my Mont Blanc black mini fountain pen, a packet of bindis, and some Lucas’ Paw Paw lip balm.