Karl Lagerfeld’s Grand Theft Auto avatar.

The supposed point of the video game series Grand Theft Auto is to navigate a crime-ridden city, bumping off outlaws. For many, however, half the fun comes from just driving around a virtual landscape listening to one of the built-in radio stations. When playing the new fourth installment, fashion-obsessed gamers should have no doubt about which call letters to tune in: Karl Lagerfeld will be serving as DJ on K109 the Studio. The Kaiser picked his favorite songs and recorded some rapid-fire commentary to be played between tracks. Lagerfeld, who was introduced to the game by his friend Daphne Guinness, had no qualms about participating, but don’t expect him to become a joystick junkie. “I prefer to be in a video game than to play with it,” he told Women’s Wear Daily, W’s sister publication.