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Luca Guadagnino Wants Dakota Johnson to Star in the Call Me by Your Name Sequel

The Call Me by Your Name sequel might actually be happening. Though Luca Guadagnino’s landmark film about the love affair between Armie Hammer’s Oliver and Timothée Chalamet’s Elio isn’t your typical sequel fare, the team behind the original won’t stop teasing a follow-up. In his recent New Yorker profile, Guadagnino revealed that he wants Dakota Johnson, the star of his film A Bigger Splash and his upcoming Suspiria, to play Oliver’s wife in the hypothetical sequel.

"She has to be a New England kind of hoochie woman," he said of the character, adding that she and Oliver would have had “maybe five children” in the years since we last saw him. Guadagnino seems to have taken quite the liking to Johnson, who he worked with in 2016’s A Bigger Splash and the upcoming Suspiria remake.

Of course, there couldn’t be a sequel without Chalamet, whose Oscar-nominated performance as the lovelorn Elio helped launch his career into the stratosphere. When we last saw Elio, he was emoting by a fireplace while Sufjan Stevens's "Visions of Gideon" played, breaking all of our hearts simultaneously. Based on a recent interview with Time, Chalamet is totally game if and when the sequel does happen. “I don’t see any world where it doesn't happen,” he said. “I think [author André Aciman] is comfortable with a sequel being made. I know Luca [Guadagnino] really wants it. And I know Armie and I are 1000% in.”

So that settles it. A sequel to Call Me by Your Name sounds like a virtual lock somewhere down the road. All they need is a title, which Guadagnino admits is one of their primary concerns. “It cannot be Call Me by Your Name Two,” he said. Hmm, what about Call Me by Your Name: Infinity War? Hey, we’re just spit balling here.

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