Martyn Thompson Is an Accidental Expressionist

Martyn Thompson, "Accidental Expressionist."

"The Accidental Expressionist." Photo by Martyn Thompson.

Though his just-launched fabric collection is called “The Accidental Expressionist,” photographer Martyn Thompson’s latest venture feels more like fate than accident. The photographer, who has captured the likes of artist Jorge Pardo and gallerists Monica Manzutto and Jose Kuri for the pages of W, started his career by painting fabrics and photographing them. “I’ve always been a maker,” he says, explaining that he got back into fabric by throwing paint at a photograph, then focusing his lens on the haphazardly painted cloth covering the floor beneath. Later this summer, Thompson will show off his fabrics—and yet another skill—by curating a space at Studio Van den Akker, all while continuing his various photography projects. “It’s the many worlds I’ve worked in coming together,” he says. “It feels very right.”