My home is open to all comers, but my bedroom is private. It's my little domain, my secret refuge from the at-times madding crowd. The possessions inside are highly edited; only the most meaningful talismans gain entry. Here are some I own and some I dream about:

[#image: /photos/5853976ce3d613c03e1ec17f]||||||I love flowers by my bed, and have developed quite a fondness for the cheap and cheerful lisianthus. In creamy white or pale pink, they are just the antidote for a blah day. For professional arrangements, I love Lily Lodge, the florist shop that uses vintage vases to create couture (and 100% organic) bouquets.

The stack of books on my nightstand is always high and comes close to toppling when fall's new releases hit the shelves. This season, my wish list includes: