Gucci Model Peyton Knight on Embracing Her New Short Hair


Peyton Knight backstage at Rodarte Fall 2016. Photo by Olivia Locher.

This season, the styling tool of choice is a pair of scissors. Like Katherine Moore, who debuted a new hairstyle at Alexander Wang's Fall 2016 show, model Peyton Knight was transformed with Guido Palau gave her a bowl cut before the Gucci Spring 2016 show. “It was my first big chop,” she said, reflecting backstage at the Rodarte Fall 2016 show. “And he just did another one.” Luckily, she's embraced her new look. "Short hair is so easy to style," she said. "I just let it dry and do its own thing.” The rest of her beauty routine is pretty low maintenance, as well.

Your look in three words:
Edgy, different, myself.

What is always in your luggage:
I always have a Quest and Think Thin protein bar. And Karlie’s Kookies! I always a tin of those around. I always have sweaters—I love a good sweater—and sweatshirts, as well.

Exercise regimen:
Right now, I really love SLT for Pilates and I also go to Aerospace for their core and sculpting classes.

In-tub must read:
I usually don’t read in the bathtub but I will watch a movie. I set it up on the ledge. The last one I watched was “Arthur Christmas.” Yes, the cartoon. I’m not going to lie!

Favorite snack:
It would either have to be a Karlie Kookie or… I love mushrooms! I know that’s so weird, but I love them. In stir-fry and all that. I love chicken, too. And French fries.

Favorite pharmacy find:
Illegal Lengths Mascara by Maybelline.

Beauty icons:
Definitely Karlie and Natalia Vodionova. They’re just such strong empowered women and great emblems of the iconic working women—not only in this industry, but how they’re pioneering in other industries, and that’s just amazing to me.

Skincare splurge:
Overnight, I use Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate, then I moisturize with Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrate.

Do you get facials?
I don’t. I’m scared to break out. My mom used to get facials and that’s what happened to her.