Hair Secrets of a Model Dog


Polo Fall 2016. Photo courtesy the brand.

It was all about hair at the Polo Ralph Lauren Fall 2016 presentation on Madison Avenue on Friday. Lauren showed both men's and women's looks, plus introduced Polo Sport for women, but it was the male models whose locks looked to be the most enviably luscious.

Model Nyima Ward, whose hair was down to his waist, said he's been growing it out for five years. When pressed about his beauty routine, he said he uses Dr. Bronner's castile soap as shampoo, lets it dry for two hours, and brushes it three times a day. His real secret though was coconut oil, which four other models said they used exclusively. But good genes also help good hair, it seems. Asked if there was anything else he did to get that special shine, Ward offered an annoying simple answer: "Nothing."

Ward, however, had nothing on Raury, who is not a man or a woman but a dog. The Polo dog, in fact. The ruddy, furry Irish Setter looked pleased as punch in his regal spot as the center of attention in a circle of male models. Unlike Ward, though, he does have some secrets for his spectacular coat. His trainer revealed that he uses Pantene conditioner once a day to keep it shiny. Take note, humans.