How do you remain stylish while pregnant? If anyone could tackle that challenge with aplomb it would be Julia Restoin-Roitfeld. And unsurprisingly the consultant and art director’s answer is simple: don’t change a thing. Well, maybe a few things. Those belts around her tight little black dresses have moved up a few inches, for one. But with less than two months to go before her due date, Restoin-Roitfeld is still trotting out high heels and mini-skirts.

Busy with her lingerie collaboration with Kiki de Montparnasse and work on the packaging for a new skincare line, Restoin-Roitfeld took a break to reveal her favorite perfume, her affinity for Bed Bath & Beyond and why gallantry should never die.

Define your style in three words: My style hasn't changed much between pre-pregnancy and pregnancy—black, body-conscious, kittenish.

Daily uniform: Pre-pregnancy and pregnancy, the uniform stays the same. Usually composed of a black stretch mini dress (In the winter I love knitted black dresses. I have been rotating between my YSL sweater dress and my Theory black knit dress); a belt to enhance the waist (now that I am pregnant, the belt has come up much higher); black suede Miu Miu thigh highs, or my black Lanvin flats; my classic Chanel bag; my Shambala bracelet which was a gift from my parents; and my vintage Victorian snake ring which was a gift from my boyfriend.

Greatest hits: My classic black Chanel bag which was a gift from my grandmother—I never get bored of it, and now it will still look great when I am 60...70…80...

Preferred footwear: My Lanvin flats when I have to walk a lot. My black suede Miu Miu pumps which go with everything and are so comfortable.

Finishing touches: My fragrance, Aqua Motu from Comptoir Sud Pacifique, which I have been wearing for over 10 years. I sometimes wear other perfumes, but feel like I’m "cheating" and always go back to my good old one.

Nighttime look: A black mini dress or a fitted black mini skirt with a black blouse, high heels (always! never an evening out in flats unless I am by the beach on holiday), and a small purse (I hate carrying purses).

Best recent discovery: Being pregnant, I am even more careful to get all the nutrients I need. So every morning, I start with a kale or spinach, banana, berries, coconut oil smoothie I make myself. The banana really makes it easier to have my dose of green!

Favorite stores: Kiki de Montparnasse, Alexander Wang (I never leave empty-handed), Bed Bath & Beyond (I love appliances shopping—I am quite domestic!), Chelsea Market, eBay.

Style pet peeve: I am quite old-school, and really get annoyed with the disappearance of gallantry. Few men are still holding doors for women. It is something simple, but it really makes a difference. My boyfriend is very old-school when it comes to this, I am very lucky.

Style icons: Romy Schneider. Despite being German, she represented the true French chic. And of course my mother, I don’t know how she manages to look so effortlessly stylish and beautiful every single day!

Last purchase: A carpet for my home.

Lusting after: The first summer with our baby.

Favorite haunts: In bed catching up on TV shows with my boyfriend.

Pregnancy must-have: I can’t get enough of cocoa butter, or monoi oil. Nothing fancy, but they both smell amazing and both very rich to make sure I keep my skin hydrated and soft.

Photo: PMC