Taylor Swift haircut

Taylor Swift. Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Cho, Alina
The former CNN correspondent is now the editor at large of Ballantine Bantam Dell. Stay tuned for more fashion-related lit.

Cole, Lily
Bought a bookshop; will hopefully collaborate with Ms. Cho.

Jenner, Bruce
Went ombre.

Jenner, Kendall
Went sheer at Marc Jacobs; couldn’t be upstaged by her dad for long.

Now designing bank cards, as if we needed another daily reminder to stock up on eye-printed sweatshirts.

Kim, Lil
Stole the show from The Blonds—which is no easy feat—with a big ol’ baby bump.

Leon Talley, Andre
Live blogged that time he was stuck in an elevator post-Oscar de la Renta. Naturally.

Lim, Phillip
Teased those who saw his runway show this week by debuting a nail polish collaboration with NARS that won’t be available until Fall 2014. Rude.

Lopez, Sessilee
Did not let the fact that she skipped New York Fashion Week stop her from backseat modeling.

Lyons, Jenna
Made a truly fantastic cameo on Girls, unfortunately did not give Lena Dunham a lesson in layering.

Middleton, Pippa
Channels her inner Beyoncé in a sheer dress. The Queen has no comment.

Miss Piggy
Hired Vivienne Westwood to design her wedding dress. Has yet another thing in common with Carrie Bradshaw.

Is working on a super secret project with Cara Delevingne. Will it—possibly—involve leather goods? We’ll have to wait and see.

New York City
Is running low on snow boots. Weather—take the hint.

Prada, Miuccia
Is now the co-CEO of Prada, alongside her husband Patrizio Bertelli. Now that’s a great Valentine’s Day present.

Sports Illustrated
Put models Lily Aldridge, Chrissy Teigen, and Nina Agdal on the cover of its annual swimsuit issue. Sorry, Kate Upton fans.

Swift, Taylor
Cut off all of her hair in an attempt to better resemble Karlie Kloss. And it worked.

Sent out a press release notifying members of the media that Amy Adams carried a Valentino bag to Philip Seymour Hoffman's funeral. Let’s say it together: OOPS.

Wang, Alexander
Showed his Fall 2014 collection in Brooklyn, caused a Twitter frenzy.

Weir, Johnny
Brings street style to Sochi. Hello!