Minna Gilligan Goes Retro

Fans of the online magazine Rookie and its printed yearbooks are in for a treat: Longtime contributor Minna Gilligan has just released a book of her own. Inspired by the 24-year-old illustrator’s vast vintage collection, Time After Time (Hardie Grant) features thrifting advice, retro styling tips, inspirational mood boards, and Gilligan’s signature Technicolor illustrations. “I think this book is very generous in that there is always something to explore and revisit,” says Gilligan. “I hope people feel inspired and liberated in their own realms of dressing.” For Gilligan fans, the real treat is getting a glimpse of the girl behind the artwork. “I see dressing as part of my art practice, an important part!” says Gilligan. “So when the opportunity to make a book arose, I was keen to make a point with fashion.” The Australian native is currently completing studio residency at Gertrude Contemporary and working on a large-scale painting exhibition opening in November. Beyond that she hopes to start designing her own collection. Fingers crossed!