Exploring W Beauty Director Jane Larkworthy’s office is like getting a glimpse into the future: It’s filled with the new products that everyone will be talking about months from now. And to find it, a visitor only need follow her nose. Right about now the mixture of candles, room sprays and her signature sent of Le Labo Santal 33 is wafting through the W hallways. “I would compare the aroma to a pasta puttanesca—which basically translates to ‘whore’s style pasta,’” she says of the heady mix. “It is a little bit of everything, and the fun part is, it changes every day."

Five Questions for Jane:

Resolutions for the New Year
I resolve not to be such a picky eater, and to say yes to just about every exotic food that's offered to me. I resolve to hand in the proposal for my book by the end of January. I resolve to be less of a hoarder.

What are you listening to?
Elbow, Genesis, Paul Simon's Graceland, and Beethoven's 7th

Favorite Drink?
Harney & Sons Organic Green tea with Coconut, "I have four cases of this stuff shipped to my apartment once a month."

Latest beauty discovery?
Kerstin Florian Caviar Night Creme

Most used beauty product in High School
“Oxy 10, Oxy 10, Oxy 10—and way too much eyeliner!”